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SO-23 Interior Section

Started adding interior stuff as I get time. First addition is the Enders 9065D.

SO-23 Cargo Net Bungee
Cargo Net sagging with age like the mother in law? Here's the fix for that knackered net!
Orange / White Westfalia Stake Bag
Westfalia Privy Tent Stake bags made from NOS 50 year old material.

SO-22 / SO-33 / Mosaik Sisal Mat
Another first from so23westfalia.com is the reproduction SO-22 / SO-33 / Mosaik 1960-1965 Sisal Mat.

SO-23 Sisal Mat
At last a quality reproduction sisal mat for the SO-23!
This part is always missing on nearly all SO-23s. Very hard to find a used original.
Want a Westfalia part reproduced?
Let us know what part you would like reproduced and we'll consider making it!

Use the Contact Us link for your suggestions.

SO-23 Yellow Curtains
We reproduced the yellow curtain cloth fitted in 59-65 westfalias recently and have been making curtain sets from it.

The cloth is now virtually all gone. If you were waiting to get a set it is strongly recommended that you place an order now to avoid disapointment. The cloth won't be here much longer and there are no plans to make another run.

Anyone who has contacted us already about the curtains / cloth need not worry, your order is in the queue.


Welcome to so23westfalia.com

It's been 2 years since the site was last updated so we have rebuilt the site and will be adding new, previously unpublished, westfalia content in the coming days.

Please register yourself an account now and check back for updates over the coming days.

If you have ideas for new content on the site please get in touch. 

Happy Camping!

so23westfalia.com admin team

Classifieds Section Online
Free Westfalia Classifieds Section now available.  Advertise your vehicles / parts for sale or wanted here.  You need to register in order to post.  Westfalia only items please!
Reproduction Parts Section Online
so23westfalia.com has, over the past 5 years, manufactured many parts no longer available for the split screen campers.  In the section you will find what we currently have available.
SO-23 History Section added
New section SO-23 History is online but not complete yet.
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